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Complete Photo Guide to Framing and Displaying Artwork

Step-by-step color photos for all areas of matting and framing; the information is complete, accurate, and up-to-date. This book includes top-notch instructions for archival framing—the correct methods and materials for preserving photos and artwork for posterity. The author also provides inspiration and helpful examples to show people how to display their artwork using basic design principles in a manner that is easily grasped. There are important techniques to follow for…

The Complete Photo Guide To Framing And Displaying Artwork

Pub Date : 2009-05-01 | Author : Vivian Carli Kistler | Publisher : Creative Pub International

ISBN 10 : 1589234227
ISBN 13 : 9781589234222

Step-by-step colour photos for all areas of matting and framing; the information is complete, accurate and up to date. The book also includes instructions for archival framing...

Home Book Of Picture Framing

Pub Date : 1998-04-01 | Author : Kenn Oberrecht | Publisher : Stackpole Books

ISBN 10 : 9780811741927
ISBN 13 : 0811741923

Professional secrets of mounting, matting, framing, and displaying artwork, photos, collectibles, carvings, and more...

How To Hang A Picture

Pub Date : 2013-11-12 | Author : Jay Sacher | Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN 10 : 9781250036049
ISBN 13 : 1250036046

Like tying a Windsor knot or brewing a perfect cup of coffee, knowing how to hang art on your wall is a hallmark of everyday style and nuts-and-bolts know-how. The where, what, and..

Matting And Framing Made Easy

Pub Date : 1996 | Author : Janean Thompson | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 0823030474
ISBN 13 : 9780823030477

Covers such topics as measuring, mounting, matting, glazing materials, framing, and assembling and fitting..

The Encyclopedia Of Picture Framing Techniques

Pub Date : 2002 | Author : Robert Cunning | Publisher : Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN 10 : 0806993022
ISBN 13 : 9780806993027

You can choose the right molding, mount, or finish to complement any object: paintings, mirrors, textiles and more. “A DIY manual for making custom frames. Traditional and contem..

Picture Perfect Framing

Pub Date : 2002 | Author : Katie DuMont | Publisher : Lark Books

ISBN 10 : 1579903118
ISBN 13 : 9781579903114

“Fundamentals are covered in some detail, complete with photographs and step-by-step illustrations. Twenty-two crafty projects feature a variety of techniques, from faux gilded t..

Mat Mount And Frame It Yourself

Pub Date : 2002-01-01 | Author : M. David Logan | Publisher :

ISBN 10 : 0823030385
ISBN 13 : 9780823030385

Explains how to use frames and mats to skillfully and economically present artwork...

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