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Review of Sciatica SOS by Glen Johnson

What is SciaticaSOS™?


Sciatica SOS ebook Sciatica SOS™ is a PDF e-book that contains an action plan for anyone who suffers from sciatica. The method used in Sciatica SOS is effective for anyone suffering not only from sciatica but also from other nerve related pains. The program is fully natural and you will not be required to use medication at any time. I believe that this is a strong selling point, as most people who suffer from sciatica also use pills that tend to give them terrible side effects.

The system has been thoroughly tested and engineered by Glen Johnson, who is the author of the e-book. He suffered from sciatica for many years and he discovered by accident what he calls a “miracle cure” for sciatica.What SciaticaSOS aims for is to provide a complete and natural treatment for sciatica. That is not only painless but also permanent. This has been proven a tough task in the past as many chiropractors and trained professionals have noticed a recurrence in sciatica pain down the road. Glen Johnson does an excellent job in explaining sciatica and he starts with the basics and then gradually goes to more advanced knowledge on this condition. This will give an excellent overview to the sufferer.

The program will require a little bit of effort and commitment from the user, not much but you will need to be consistent for a few days. All the steps in SciaticaSOS or easy to follow and well illustrated, which means that anyone can follow this step-by-step manual. At the end of the day, the success of this program will depend only on you.

Who is Glen Johnson?

Very little is known about Glen Johnson and his past. He suffered from sciatica pain in a manner that rendered him dysfunctional and dependent on his family, especially his wife. But thanks to an acquaintance of his wife, who gave him an old Nepalese herbal tea that almost immediately treated his sciatica. He now shares this secret in his program – SciaticaSOS™ which is now well known worldwide about its high success rate in treating sciatica naturally and permanently.

How does SciaticaSOS work? Is the program effective?

The program, aside from the six bonuses that you get when you order, is mainly a PDF e-book that you can easily print or read from your smartphone or tablet device anywhere. The program revolves around three tenets. He will show you how to relax your body, become stress-free, which eventually empowers your body to counter the sciatica pain naturally. Coupled with this, Glen gives you a powerful natural remedy that will help get rid of all your sciatica pain very quickly. The author claims he can cure you of sciatica in less than a week. According to many reviews online, they are quite a few people who successfully self-treated themselves using Glen Johnson’s techniques, so it does seem to work as promised.

Is SciaticaSOS a scam?

In our opinion, SciaticaSOS is NOT a scam! You see, the claims and promises made by Glen Johnson are not that far-fetched. In fact, millions of people in the East have been using this remedy for thousands of years to treat their sciatica and other nerve related conditions day in and day out. The program is well written and well illustrated which makes it simple enough for anyone to follow and get results. You do not need to have advanced knowledge about sciatica to get started. In fact, Glen Johnson will take you by the hand and walk you through this painful condition. If you’re looking for natural and permanent cure for sciatica, then this program was made specifically for you!

Now will go through a bit of the pros and cons of the program.

SciaticaSOS™ Advantages

  • The method used by Glen Johnson is 100% natural with zero side effects
  • You can use the program at your own time and pace
  • It is step-by-step and easy to follow with well-illustrated pictures
  • You can print the program and make it available offline
  • A rock-solid 60-day money back guarantee with no questions asked
  • Zero health risks
  • It is doctor-approved as testified by the seal on the website

SciaticaSOS™ Disadvantages

  • There is no guarantee it will work as sciatica manifests itself on a case to case basis
  • A certain level of dedication to the program is required
  • There is no hard copy of the book available online or off-line

Final thoughts – Can Sciatica SOS™ really cure your sciatica?

why we were doing our research on the program, we not only bought the product but read it religiously. We also went ahead and read the reviews of other people for negative experiences. However, but we find out was that most all the people tried out the program were successfully able to treat their sciatica naturally. We, therefore, think that SciaticaSOS™ is a product worth buying if you suffer from sciatica or know someone who does. It would be helpful and a great gift. The program is very cheap, and anyone can afford it. Plus, there is a full money-back guarantee if it does not work for you. So you just need to ask for your money back within 60 days, and you would get a full refund.

The program is also natural therefore safe for anyone of any age to try. We have found no upsell from Glen Johnson and it is a good sign because it shows that he genuinely cares about helping people treat their sciatica. We all know how painful sciatica can be, so if you want a natural and permanent cure for your condition, then do check out Glen Johnson’s SciaticaSOS™. It is a real winner!

Download the Sciatica SOS ebook

The power of whey protein

1. Protein supports fat loss.

A diet high in quality protein and low carbohydrate intake, can improve cardiovascular function and other health indicators, studies has shown repeatedly, generating significant improvements in fat loss and weight loss, even though consumption habits remain the same.

2. Whey Protein targets optimizes transformation.

In a recent scientific article, researchers concluded that whey protein can be an effective and powerful tool to transform the body and health. The article provides solid evidence that whey protein supports the ability of individuals to reach their ideal weight, which may also support healthy insulin responses and high level of glucose in the blood (especially after exercise), contribute to a healthier blood pressure, as well as inflammatory oxidative stress response (in response to strenuous exercise). Besides stimulating the production of hormones involved in reducing hunger and burn fat.

3. Protein supports healthy muscle mass and a healthy immune system.

One can not overestimate the importance of supporting the muscular system as an essential part to a strong immune system and overall health factor. Specifically, besides consistently exercising the muscles, it is essential for a healthy and vigorous life. Providing support and the prevention of muscle mass loss (by a poor diet, age, inactivity, environmental factors, or diseases) is vital to your quality of life.

For example, did you know that muscles generate molecules that communicate with the brain, liver, pancreas, bone, adipose tissue, and other organs? The more healthy and active your muscles are, the response of your immune system will be better.

4. Protein is the preferred nutrient for lean people.

By building lean muscle mass supports the saying “you are what you eat”. A person who consumes more quality protein, exercised and fed healthily, develops quality muscle mass (protein for the skeleton), another mainly consuming carbohydrates with a high glycemic index or fat. In fact, a recent study concluded that a thin person requires a day at least 1.1 to 1.5 grams of quality protein per pound of lean muscle mass, but to preserve muscle mass by exercising regularly, and considering that this person can now consume fewer calories than average.

5. Rapid protein helps protect muscles as we age.

With age we are not only slower to move move, but our body will also respond less vigorously to exercise and proteins. However, the “fast” and highly hydrolyzed protein (predigested protein) have been shown to give the old muscles the ability to respond with a similar susceptibility to young muscles. A higher protein diet in carbohydrates provides more benefits to help maintain muscle mass and strength, the two most influential factors on health and quality of life.

Important note: the elderly, both at rest and after exercise, show reduced susceptibility to protein than younger people. The whey protein and hydrolyzed protein have been proven highly balance.

6. Protein is necessary for the body functioning.

Your body uses the structural elements of proteins to produce other important proteins that affect literally every physiological process of your body. For example, enzymes are a type of protein that the body uses in metabolic and chemical reactions.

Other proteins are required to transport substances from within and from the cells, and throughout your circulatory system. Similarly, proteins for the establishment and functioning of all cell receptors and hormones in your body are required, besides being major producers of energy for your body.

7. Protein is essential for life.

Proteins, like water and essential fatty acids are vital to life and must be consumed frequently and in abundance every day. Dietary protein represents the sole nitrogen source for the human body. Furthermore, their amino acids are the building blocks of your DNA and represent structural elements which provide shape for your body

Casein and soy protein are under scrutiny. After studying the effects of different proteins, it became clear that the vegetable were put on this earth just to survive in times of austerity. But to thrive and succeed in literally everything from life to health, whey protein surpasses all. Knowing that about 92% of the protein in breast milk is composed of whey, it is enough to understand the preference the body has for this kind of protein.